Bagel Toasts

Bagel toast is actually a deli sandwich popularized in Israel. It consists of a toasted, pressed, flat bread filled with white bread and sometimes cheese and other fillings and grilled on a panini or sandwich maker. The name bagel itself comes from the Hebrew term “bagel”, which is used to describe the flat bread. In English, the meaning of the word is a type of sandwich. In many places, it is served as an open-faced sandwich with mayonnaise on top.

Bagel toast

Many of the ingredients of bagel toast are the same with other sandwiches; it contains various types of bread crumbs, various types of jam, various types of spreads, mayonnaise, various types of cheese, and sometimes sesame seeds. Though there are many variations in these ingredients, what remains common in most of the recipes for sesame bagels is the use of enriched wheat flour. They are not just delicious fillings for sandwiches; sesame seed bags are also used for other purposes.

Sesame seed bags can be used to make sandwiches in a number of ways. One of the most popular uses of them is to make a very light but filling breakfast sandwich. A wonderful sandwich that uses bagels with sesame seeds and avocado is called the Ishmael-Bagel, named so because of the place where it was invented (Isaac B. Bagel was the owner of the Ishmael bakery in Jerusalem). These sandwiches are perfect when accompanied by cold milk and a slice of sunny orange and lemon fruit.

Bagel toast can also be eaten as a snack or for an additional source of fiber. Flat breads such as those made with whole grain flour can be sprinkled with margarine and seasoned with chives and pepper for a spicy twist on a simple sandwich. Using a tortilla, place a slice of toasted sesame bagel on top, followed by a piece of cheese on top and then finish with another piece of bread. The cheese sandwich works best when served with fresh salsa or chopped tomatoes.

For something completely different, place bagels on a plate, add cream cheese, and a variety of different types of toppings. Fresh vegetables such as cucumbers and radishes make for an interesting presentation. Another idea is to mix cream cheese with sour cream, mayonnaise, and jalapenos. Top with sliced scallions and serve with fresh tortilla chips. If you enjoy garlic, chopped dill, or ginger, you can always go with a spiced variety, which is great for ranch or chicken salad toppings.

Some people use their toasts as a dip for grilled or raw vegetables, or a spread for chips and dips. For a more classic take on the classic bagel, substitute the white cheese for a bit like cottage cheese in a paste form. A bit like pizza dough, this paste can be rolled out and then cut into wedges. Place this on top of an already-made tomato sauce, add some red or green bell pepper, olives, and you have the perfect zesty bagel toast.

A smoked version of the bagel toast is great for parties. To prepare for this recipe, heat up some water in a sauce pan. Add dried mustard seeds, coriander leaves, and all of the seasonings. Allow these to boil for about five minutes to produce a smokey and aromatic flavor.

When it comes to variety, there is nothing better than the combination of toasted bread and sesame seeds atop fresh salad. This sandwich is simple enough to make, and if you are feeling creative you can add additional items to the sandwich, such as fresh grated cheeses, onions, tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers, or spicy mayonnaise. To ensure that your sandwiches stay fresh and don’t lose their crunchiness, place them in the fridge right after making. Store these in a sealed container. A bagel toast with cream cheese on top can also be frozen ahead and reheated a few times before serving. These are simple to make, yet surprisingly complex flavors that only a few people will ever think of trying, but will give any crowd an awesome treat!